Asya Stoudemire

Hi it's me Asya

When I attended Sam Houston State University, I really just planned on making friends, passing my classes, graduating, and starting my new career. A very simple and hopefully exciting college experience. However, on my first day at Sam, I met a group of people in a ministry called Chi Alpha who have spiritually influenced me to the person I am today. If it was not for the friendships I built through Chi Alpha, I would not have learned how to love well, how to be friendly, and especially, learn how to have a real relationship with Jesus. God mended a lot of hurt and bitterness in my heart through people ministering and loving me the way He does for me. I definitely had an exciting college experience, but my plans after graduation changed drastically, but for the good!. 


Because of the transformation God did in my life, I began to have a burden to love and minister to others around me. I became heavily involved in Chi Alpha, forming more friendships through small group leading and simply walking up to students, striking up a conversation with them. I have really enjoyed being a part of campus ministry and so, I was not surprised the Lord called me to do the internship program with Chi Alpha at Sam to be a full-time campus missionary after graduating. Since my internship year at Sam has finished, the Lord has called me to a new campus and has heightened my burden for reaching the students who have been often neglected. I am excited to be a part of Prairie View A&M Chi Alpha! I believe and have hope the Lord will transform the students’ hearts and create more minority leaders who will advance God’s Kingdom!


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