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Hi Its me Joel!

So when I started living on campus at Sam Houston, the Lord spoke to me in an interesting way. He asked me to wake in the morning and spend time in prayer. Every time I did that I was "opening my door" to Him. Rev 3:20 So I began to do that and man the LORD started to speak to me and lead me to go on campus and share Jesus with classmates and other students. It was great!! A few students gave their life to Christ but I was a lone-ranger, always just by myself.

Hi it's me Asya!

When I attended Sam Houston State University, I really just planned on making friends, passing my classes, graduating, and starting my new career. A very simple and hopefully exciting college experience. However, on my first day at Sam, I met a group of people in a ministry called Chi Alpha who have spiritually influenced me to the person I am today. If it was not for the friendships I built through Chi Alpha, I would not have learned how to love well, how to be friendly, and especially, learn how to have a real relationship with Jesus. God mended a lot of hurt and bitterness in my heart through people ministering and loving me the way He does for me. I definitely had an exciting college experience, but my plans after graduation changed drastically, but for the good!. 


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Because of the transformation God did in my life, I began to have a burden to love and minister to others around me. I became heavily involved in Chi Alpha, forming more friendships through small group leading and simply walking up to students, striking up a conversation with them. I have really enjoyed being a part of campus ministry and so, I was not surprised the Lord called me to do the internship program with Chi Alpha at Sam to be a full-time campus missionary after graduating. Since my internship year at Sam has finished, the Lord has called me to a new campus and has heightened my burden for reaching the students who have been often neglected. I am excited to be a part of Prairie View A&M Chi Alpha! I believe and have hope the Lord will transform the students’ hearts and create more minority leaders who will advance God’s Kingdom!


So for me(Joel) as I kept doing that the Lord spoke to me to get involved with the campus ministry Chi Alpha. "The community is for the sake of the Gospel". So in getting involved I saw many students give their lives to Jesus in radical ways. Many began to have better relationships with their parents friends/classmates. I knew this was the heart of God and I began to be more open to sharing my life with other. No more lone wolf. Now the next phase is to share that same gospel community at a Prairie View A&M. Seeing people of my own skin color not rely on the christianity of their parents but initiate their own.


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