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Sydney Strawn

Hi! My name is Sydney

When I went off to college preparing to become a teacher someday I knew that I wanted to know God more; but I never imagined how God would move in my life. Through Chi Alpha I met new friends who taught me how to have a real relationship with Jesus in a culture of love and honor, and in my college years God began to heal me from a past full of anger and depression.



This new found love and friendship with Jesus then inspired me to reach out to others just like me who were struggling with their past, and as I got more involved in campus ministry the Lord nudged me to surrender my dreams and future plans to him, and so my plans changed from teaching to ministering to college kids to moving farther away from home to where I live now in Prairie View, Texas. I felt God calling me to minister to my own, and I believe that the passion our culture embodies, linked to a love for Christ, will be such a powerful asset for the kingdom of God.


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